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Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a Central Nervous System disorder where the immune system attacks the myelin sheath of neurons. It is a progressive disease which is caused due to damage in the fatty layer surrounding the axons, interrupting electrical impulses. scientifically names as Hericium erinaceus is a medicinal mushroom which has been. In addition to rebuilding nerves and regenerating the myelin sheath, the mushroom has the potential to improve mood and cognition. In a 2010 study, researchers in Japan discovered that after 4-weeks of hericium erinaceus intake, depression and anxiety levels in a control group of patients were significantly lower than the placebo group Myelin v tomto případě ničí imunitní systém, protože vytváří protilátky proti jeho komponentám. Když se využije Hericia, dosahuje se dobrých výsledků. Z pokusů vyplývá, že podpora tvorby neurálního růstového faktoru souvisí i s novotvorbou myelinu a remyelinizací. Hericium a podpora imunitních reakc.

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We present a model case study of the activity of aqueous extract of Hericium erinaceus fresh fruit bodies in promoting functional recovery following crush injury to the peroneal nerve in adult female Sprague-Dawley rats. The aim was to explore the possible use of this mushroom in nerve repair. The a Hericium a Čagu užíváme spolu s manželem, já mam RS a manžel je po mozkové přihodě,1Hericium+1Čagu ráno a večer asi 1rok, a musím potvrdit zlepšení zdravotního stavu jak u manžela tak u mně, já navštěvuji co 3 měsíce lékařku Ostrava Poruba a při poslední kontrole z měsíce listopadu tohoto roku mám ve zdrav. Hericium (korálovec ježatý) je nedílnou součástí čínské medicíny. Tato parazitická houba má podle ní schopnost vyrovnávat yin a yang v těle.Vyzkoušejte ji v ideálním poměru polysacharidů, fytosterolů, erinacinů, ergosterolů a dalších bioaktivních látek

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Request PDF | The influence of Hericium erinaceus extract on myelination process in vitro | Myelin sheaths, wrapping axons, perform the following important functions: support, protection, feeding. Zde je myelin destruován imunitním systémem, jsou totiž produkovány protilátky proti jeho komponentám. I v tomto případě se Hericium ukázalo jako dobrý pomocník. Dle pokusů je podpora produkce neurálního růstového faktoru spojena také s novotvorbou myelinu a remyelinizací The influence of Hericium erinaceus extract on myelination process in vitro ̇º‡íî⇠îÆîºîíŒŁ, ÿŒ‡ âŒðŁâàþòü àŒæîíŁ, âŁŒîíóþòü äåÿŒ‡ âàæºŁâ‡ ôóíŒö‡¿, à æàìå: ïðŁæ- Myelin sheath of the nerve fibers is a special multi-lamellar concentric structure, which is. If you can't get through the URL this is the research on the mushroom. (150) Kawagishi et al., 1994. Erinacines A, B, C, strong stimulators of nerve growth factor synthesis, from the mycelia of Hericium erinaceum. Tetrahedron Letters 35 (10): 1569-1572 Yamabushitake, known as the Lion's Mane Mushroom, is a dietary mushroom that can be a supplement. It appears to be a promising cognitive enhancer and immunomodulator (thought to stimulate or suppress inflammation depending on context)

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Hericium erinaceus (lion's mane mushroom) has promising effects on Parkinson's Disease. Neurogenesis is the production of healthy nervous tissue, and it is essential for a strong healthy nervous system .H. erinaceus also helps protect myelin, which coats the axons of neurons VemoHerb ® Hericium supports the neuronal prolongation and formation of myelin.* [5, 10] The myelin is a lipid-rich (fatty) substance formed in the central nervous system which surrounds nerve cells and increases the transmission rate of the nerve impulses, which is very important for the cognitive function Myelin is what makes up the membrane or sheath that wraps around your body's nerve fibres. MS causes your body to build up plaque or lesions and disrupt your normal nerve processes. Data obtained from several research studies showed that taking Lion's Mane extract could possibly promote Myelination regrowth around your nerves Over the years, Hericium has received considerable publicity due to the activity of its components on a wide variety of pathologies, the most important of which are neurological and gastrointestinal diseases. M.Heric product (Extract of Lion's Mane) indications: Multiple sclerosis (MS) because it may help rebuild myelin membrane on the nerve

Research proves that Hericium erinaceus extracts accelerate re-myelination of nerve cells and repairs myelin damage.. Quick Gist: Various studies have found that Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) levels are reduced or depleted in peripheral neuropathy patients. Lion's mane mushroom contains various active compounds that support the production of NGF, and this may benefit in recovery from peripheral. When looking at neurons specifically, Hericium erinaceus appears to promote neuronal prolongation and formation of myelin. 2.) Glutaminergic Neurotransmission Neuronal excitability from glutamic acid appears to be attenuated in the presence of Lion's mane/Hericium erinaceus extract. 3). Neuroprotectio Out of the kitchen, into the pharmacy, the gourmet mushroom Lion's Mane (Hericium erinaceus) with its unique flavor resembling lobster or shrimp appears to also possess likewise unique medicinal properties.It has been found to stimulate nerve and myelin regeneration, which may be beneficial in many neurological conditions. World renowned medicinal mushroom expert Paul Stamets suggests its.

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The more myelin surrounds the neuron, the quicker electrical signals can travel. Some medical conditions, like Alzheimer's for example, degrade the myelin sheath which slows down brain activity. Because Lion's Mane boosts NGF levels, brain signals should travel quicker, and you should notice a significant increase in your focus, speed of. The species Hericium Erinaceus has been researched for its benefits on the mind and body. Myelin is the fatty substance that surrounds the axon of some nerve cells, forming a electrically insulating layer. This layer is essential for the nervous system to function properly

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Lions mane mushroom (Hericium erinaceus) is a medicinal mushroom and powerful superfood adaptogen for the brain, nerves and immune system.The mushroom looks quite different than other mushroom varieties. Instead of caps and stems they grow in globular masses and have long flowing white spines or are a rusty-cream color at the end of their growth cycle Hericium contains hericenon and erinacin (a diterpenoid), thereby stimulating the nerve growth factor (NGF). It is of great importance in the regeneration of nerves. Through the NGF, the myelin sheaths are rebuilt to nourish and protect the nerve cell Description Body Fruit Hericium erinaceus supplement:. Very useful to help regenerate the nervous system, good for memory.Suitable for digestion problems. Body Fruit offers a good balance between triterpenes and ß-glucans, ideal for those on their first experience with medicinal mushrooms.. Mycelio Hericium erinaceus supplement:. It stimulates mental alertness and lucidity, suitable for those. Lion's Mane mushroom (Hericium erinaceus) is a nontoxic medicinal (and culinary) mushroom believed to stimulate nerve growth.While there haven't been a lot of scientific studies on how it works, an animal study published in 2012 suggested that Lion's Mane is useful in nerve repair

The NGF rebuilds the myelin sheaths of the nerves and thus regenerates the nerves. This makes it a valuable medicinal mushroom for peripheral nerve damage caused by metabolic processes or traumas. Due to the positive properties of hericium on the nerves, it has an excellent effect on anxious, restless and stressed animals Figure 3. Comparative diagram of the course of myelin sheath formation in control and treated with H. erinaceus extract cerebellar cells in vitro. - The influence of Hericium erinaceus extract on myelination process in vitro Overview Information Hericium erinaceus is a mushroom that grows on trunks of hardwood tress. Hericium erinaceus is taken by mouth for a decline in memory and thinking skills in older people that.

The unique flavor of the gourmet mushroom Lion's Mane (Hericium erinaceus) is often compared to either lobster or shrimp.And modern science is now discovering that not only is it a culinary delicacy but it may also possess some unique medicinal properties, with its ability to stimulate nerve and myelin regeneration. (150, 151) In the book Mycelium Running, foremost American medicinal mushroom. Out of the kitchen, into the pharmacy, the gourmet mushroom Lion's Mane (Hericium erinaceus) with its unique flavor resembling lobster or shrimp appears to also possess likewise unique health supporting properties.It has been found to stimulate nerve and myelin regeneration, 150, 151 which may be beneficial in many neurological conditions Nootropics are a hot topic among go-getters. Anyone well versed in the market knows that Hericium erinaceus, aka lion's mane, is quite popular due to its incomparable ability to repair the myelin sheath surrounding our neurons. Lion's mane extract has made its way into the hands of many nootropic advocates, and here's why CBD should be added Myelin sheaths are insulating layers that surround the nerves. Made up of protein and fatty tissue, the sheath enhances and speeds up electrical impulses throughout the body. Together with the brain and spinal cord, nerves send and transmit signals that control virtually every function in the body Preparation and Use. Hericium erinaceus is a choice edible when young, and the texture of the cooked mushroom is often compared to seafood. This mushroom is cultivated commercially on logs or sterilized sawdust And modern science is now discovering that not only is it a culinary delicacy but it may also possess some unique medicinal properties, with its ability to stimulate nerve and myelin.

Phone +420 577 102 759: Mobile +420 777 124 706: ICQ: 132 524 26 Recently it was shown that extract from Hericium erinaceus had activating action of the nerve tissue and promoted normal development of cultivated cerebellar cells and demonstrated a regulatory effect on the process of myelin genesis process in vitro (Kolotushkina E V, Moldavan M G, Voronin K Y Hericium erinaceus. At Cotswold Mushrooms we grow Lions mane (Lat: Hericium erinaceaus) on hardwood in a controlled environment without the use of any chemicals or pesticides but, if you are very lucky, you can find this spectacular looking medicinal mushroom growing in the wild

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Myelin sheaths wrap neuronal axons and provide support, protection, feeding and isolation of the neurons, and an injury of myelin structure leads to the impairment and severe illness of the nerve system. In an in vitro study by Kolotushkina et al. [26], the extract of H. erinaceus promoted the normal development of cultivated cerebel Hericium Erinaceus Extract Help to Stay Away from Alzheimer and improve sleep quality. Brain is a very important organ of the human body.Although its weight is only about 2% of the body weight, about a quarter of all energy is consumed by the brain Overview. Lion's Mane (Hericium erinaceus) is a medicinal mushroom proven to benefit the brain, nerves and immune system.. Unlike other mushrooms sporting a cap and stem, Lion's Mane has long, flowing, white tendrils. Resembling a lion's mane. Other names include Monkey's Head, Bearded Tooth, Pom Pom Blanc, Hedgehog Mushroom and Satyr's Beard Lack of myelin can result in cognitive decline and dementia. Luckily, Lion's mane has been shown to promote and regulate healthy myelination. 6 Lai PL, et al. Neurotrophic properties of the Lion's mane medicinal mushroom, Hericium erinaceus (Higher Basidiomycetes) from Malaysia, Int J Med Mushrooms. 2013 7 Kolotushkina EV, Moldavan MG. Korálovec ježatý (hericium erinaceus) a zdraví - jaké má účinky a benefity Diskuze / První pomoc Klasické lesní houby (v tomto případě nerozebíráme jednotlivé druhy, čili ani slavnou hlívu nebo shiitake, to je kapitola sama pro sebe) nejsou jen koření nebo pochutina bez jakékoliv hodnoty

An Overview. Lion's Mane mushroom (Hericium erinaceus) is a potent brain-boosting, mood health enhancing, immune supportive, nerve regenerating medicinal mushroom with potent nootropic health benefits.. Traditionally used in Chinese Medicine for centuries, Lion's Mane mushroom benefits can help support digestion, enhance the immune system, as well as nourish the five internal organs. -Hericium (aka Lion's Mane Mushroom)-Reindeer Antler IGF. Myelin is like the insulation on electrical wire and without it; the nerve signals short out and don't reach their destination. Myelin can grow back at the rate of 1 millimeter a day, which is only 0.0032808 ft, this is extremely slow but there has been little that can be done to.

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Lion's Mane (Hericium erinaceus): This mushroom is most well-known for its affinity of the nervous system. Specifically, Lion's mane has a documented ability to increase nerve growth factor, nerve regeneration after injury and the production of myelin LION'S MANE (Hericium erinaceus) Use: Neurotropic Lion's Mane has been used for centuries, in Traditional Chinese Medicine and by the Greek physician, Hippocrates, in 450 BC. Lion's Mane is a culinary and medicinal mushroom that is widely consumed in Asia for its nutritional and health benefits but is not so widel Lion's mane (Hericium erinaceus) Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms, it was suggested that, in animals, lion's mane can trigger the production of myelin and boost nerve growth Hericium erinaceus, most commonly known as lion's mane, is an edible fungus, with NGF).21 Myelin sheath formation in the presence of H. erinaceus extract proceeded at a higher rate and was completed by day 26, as compared to day 31 in controls. No toxic effects of the extracts wer In cell cultures, Hericium showed a significant increase in myelin formation in nerve tissue (26) in contrast to a control. In the animal model, injured nerves showed a considerably faster regeneration of the axons and re-insertion of the motor end plates in the muscle by substitution with Hericium than in the control group

Lion's Mane (Hericium americanous) Hericium erinaceous closely related species with similar medicinal properties. Promotes myelin production https://www.ncbi.. Lion's mane mushroom, scientific name Hericium erinaceus, is a medicinal and edible nootropic mushroom belonging to the tooth fungus group. This species has many names including the bearded tooth mushroom, Yamabushitake, Satyr's Beard, and the pom pom mushroom NGF has also been shown to have a protective effect on axons and myelin by suppressing the immune-mediated inflammatory processes responsible for chronic brain destruction in neurodegenerative disorders such as MS by switching the immune response to an anti-inflammatory, (Hericium erinaceus) and its clinical application Out of the kitchen, into the pharmacy, the gourmet mushroom Lion's Mane (Hericium erinaceus) with its unique flavor resembling lobster or shrimp appears to also possess likewise unique medicinal properties.It has been found to stimulate nerve and myelin regeneration, which may be beneficial in many neurological conditions Lion's Mane Mushroom extract (Hericium erinaceus), wholesale, certified organic, Mt Olympus, Washington. Information packed article on Lion's Mane Mushroom. attribute for any health promoting compound expected to be able to effect healing on myelin or nerve tissue. 152.

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The mushroom Lion's Mane (Hericium Erinaceus extract) quickens the process of myelination. It promoted normal development of myelin sheaths . 9) Forskolin/Cyclic AMP (body) Cyclic AMP helps increase myelin, especially in the presence of NRG1 (Schwann cells) . 10) PQQ (body) PQQ increases myelin in the body (Schwann cells) Food as medicine, lion's mane mushroom, Hericium erinaceus, polysaccharides, beta glucans, hericinones, erinacines, nerve growth factors, immuno-modulators, bi Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising Scientific Name: Hericium erinaceus. Lions Mane Mushroom grows in large snowball like formations. The mushroom is white, sometimes browning if the spines are damaged or with age. Individual mushrooms can be quite large, sometimes weighing over 1 lb. The spines or teeth start out quite small, but elongate with age The fats repair the myelin sheathing (indicated in all alzheimers, MS, Lou Gehrigs, and many other issues) AND repairs synapses. Lowfat/no fat diets are horrible for our bodies. We NEED cholesterol - not just for the hormones used everywhere for almost every biochemical aspect, but they are powerful anti-oxidants, necessary for (LDL here. Yamamoto® Research Hericium 30 capsules. Used as a natural nootropic supplement, its activity will focus on greater neuroprotection against age-related memory loss and cognitive dysfunction, also improving the conductivity of signals between neurons, with a favored better concentration and focus in daily activities

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  1. As food, Hericium erinaceus Enhanced formation and regulation of myelin sheaths around nerve cells. <2> Quicker speed of neural recovery following neuronal injury. <3> By effecting these brain bio-benefits, Lion's Mane Mushroom may potentially improve cognition slowed by the natural decline in NGF and by acute brain injury
  2. Lion's Mane Mushroom (also known as Hericium erinaceus), or rarely monkey head mushroom, is a traditional medicine that's developing a strong fan base around the world. It has been voted as one of the top 10 natural nootropics of 2018 in terms of best selling, according to Nootropics Depot, as well as most beneficial
  3. We call Hericium erinaceus a brain builder; it might be more accurate to call it a neural regenerator. Animal research has suggested that lion's mane supplementation appears to: Accelerate healing of nerves and enhance neural regeneration; Accelerate formation and completion of myelin sheaths around nerve cell
  4. Erinacines is the name of the medicinal compounds from Hericium erinaceus that are being researched for their neurological health benefits. They are small enough to pass through the blood brain barrier, which or course is a requirement in order to effect any healing on the myelin sheaths or neurons. [152, 153, 154
  5. Hericium Erinaceus is a natural supplement that goes a long way in boosting all-around brain function. Lions Mane to Alleviate Anxiety and Depression. In this competitive world, most of us all subjected to stress, which has resulted in an increase in cases of anxiety and depression. Lions Mane Helps Repair Myelin Sheaths

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  1. Lion's Mane Mushroom (Hericium Erinaceus, Yamabushitake or Satyr's beard) is a Nootropic mushroom native to North America, China, Japan and Europe. The use of this mushroom dates back centuries in traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine, where it was historically recognized to have some benefit on brain function.. Myelin is a fatty.
  2. Lion's mane (Hericium erinaceus) is a type of medicinal mushroom.Long used in traditional Chinese medicine, lion's mane is widely available in supplement form. Scientific research shows that lion's mane contains a number of health-promoting substances, including antioxidants and beta-glucan
  3. Lion's Mane (Hericium erinaceus), Bear's Head (H. coralloides), or Comb Tooth (H. ramosum) mushrooms and mycelium have also been well studied and reported to regenerate myelin on the axons of nerves. Two particular families of compounds are most noteworthy—erinacines and hericenones

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  1. Hericium erinaceus (lion's mane, yamabushitake, or bearded tooth carpophore) grows on old or dead broadleaf trees, and is used as both food and medicine in parts of Asia. The fruiting body is called hóu tóu gū (monkey head mushroom) in Chinese 8 and yamabushitake (mountain monk mushroom) in Japanese. In Chinese and Japanese medical systems, it has traditionally been used to.
  2. Wong 2016 When an extract of H. erinaceus was used in cultivated cerebellar cells, a regulatory effect on myelin genesis was reported.Jiang 2014, Khan 2013 Inhibition of cell senescence and accelerated wound healing in rats has also been demonstrated.Friedman 201
  3. Best Nootropics for 2020. You'll notice in the categories above that some nootropics work in multiple areas of cognitive enhancement.This means fewer nootropics in a well-rounded stack.. And once you dive into the neuroscience behind each nootropic, you'll find synergy with how many of these ingredients work together.This may result in smaller doses of each for a bigger benefit
  4. Yamamoto® Research Hericium 30 Kapseln. Hericium ist ein Nahrungsergänzungsmittel, das 500 mg Igel-Stachelbart-Extrakt pro Tagesdosis enthält. Als natürliches nootropes Supplement verwendet, konzentriert sich seine Aktivität auf eine stärkere Neuroprotektion gegen altersbedingten Gedächtnisverlust und kognitive Dysfunktion, wobei auch die Leitfähigkeit von Signalen zwischen.
  5. Lion's mane, Hericium, nebo také Korálovec ježatý, to všechno jsou názvy pro léčivou houbu, NFG a myelin jsou naprosto zásadní pro správnou funkci mozku (růst a zdraví neuronů). Jejich nerovnováha může přispět k neurologickým onemocněním jako je Alzheimerova choroba nebo roztroušená skleróza
  6. Vitamín B12, jeho množství v potravě je dostatečné, jsou lidé staší 50 let, kteří jej neumějí vstřebávat, přičemž i lehký nedostatek může zvyšovat riziko srdečních chorob, deprese a možná i Alzheimerovy nemoci. Kobamalin je jediný se skupiny B, který tělo ukládá ve zvýšeném množství hlavně v játrech
  7. Yamamoto® Research Hericium 30 capsules. Hericium is a food supplement which provides 500 mg of hericium extract per daily dose. Used as a natural nootropic supplement, its activity will focus on greater neuroprotection against age-related memory loss and cognitive dysfunction, also improving the conductivity of signals between neurons, with a favored better concentration and focus in.

  1. Lions Mane Tincture 30ml - Hericium erinaceus cultivated lions mane ± 20 000mg. They demonstrate a regulatory effect on the process of myelin genesis & enhance the myelination process Lions mane has been found to increase memory, understanding, communication, sharpness, & concentration..
  2. g myelin, the sheath around nerve cells that helps neurons carry messages from one.
  3. By Dr. Markho Rafael The unique flavor of the gourmet mushroom Lion's Mane ( Hericium erinaceus ) is often compared to either lobster or s..
  4. Lion's Mane is a nootropic mushroom that also known by the names Hericium Erinaceus, Sheep's Head, Bear's Head and Yamabushitake. The mushroom is immediately recognizable for its cascading teeth-like spines rather than the classic cap and stem appearance. This mushroom has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for hundreds of years

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  2. The Influence of Hericium erinaceus Extract on Myelination Process in Vitro Injury of myelin structure leads to an impairment and severe illness of the nervous system. In this study an extract of H. erinaceus (Lions Mane) promoted normal development of cultivated cerebellar cells and demonstrated a regulatory effect on the process of myelin.
  3. Lion's Mane mushroom (Hericium erinaceus) is recognised as one of the most unique superfood medicinal mushrooms in the world. It's known as a natural nootropic and is most famous for its extraordinary brain-boosting power and incredible potential to stimulate nerve growth factor (NGF) from within the brain. NGF drives many brain-building and neuroprotective activities including.
  4. Extracts of Lion's Mane mushroom promote myelin sheath growth on nerve cells. Research suggests that Lion's Mane may even help to slow the progression of degenerative neurological conditions such as Parkinson's disease. Even for those in good health, Lion's Mane may provide an additional cognitive boost and significant stress relief

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With a unique flavor alternately described as lobster or shrimp, the gourmet mushroom Lion's Mane (Hericium erinaceus) with its out-of-this-world showy display of cascading 'teeth' also possesses singular medicinal properties - stimulating myelin and nerve regeneration (150, 151) - which upon further study may prove beneficial in a whole series of neurological conditions Ich habe Hericium (genannt Löwenmähne) gekauft, weil es bei der Regenerierung oder wieder Aufbau der Nervenzellen und dessen Schutzschicht, Myelin, bei Krankheiten wie MS helfen soll. Ich habe mich für diesen Hersteller entschieden, weil er der einzige ist, der Pilze aus Europäischen Wälder benutzt. Alle anderen sind aus China Deny píše:Hericium které tvoří/zahrnují myelin a ovlivnit produkci neurotrofních faktorů odvozených od mozku, které se také podílí na myelinizaci. • Extrakty také redukovaly určitý typ buněčných úmrtí, o čemž autoři poznamenali, že může redukovat riziko úmrtí buněk vyvolané neurodegenerativními nemocem 70 capsules of 620 mg of pure extract. 100% vegetable capsules sealed with a natural antioxidant band. Ingredients per capsule: 495 mg of Lion´s mane organic extract (Hericium erinaceus); vegetable capsule. Each capsule is individually sealed with an antioxidant band that helps keep its contents in optimal conditions for longer

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Improve Memory and MUCH More with Lion's Mane. I have only recently added Lion's Mane mushroom (Hericium erinaceus) extract to my brain health arsenal.Considering how long I have been researching and writing about nutrition for brain health, I cannot believe I am only now just learning about the benefits of this amazing super mushroom Hericium Wirkung bei MS. Multiple Sklerose (MS) ist eine neuroinflammatorische Erkrankung. Diese Krankheit wirkt sich direkt auf den Myelinspiegel, die weiße Substanz des Körpers aus. Myelin bildet die Membran oder Hülle, die sich um die Nervenfasern des Körpers wickelt

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