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VLANs can span multiple switches, and you can have more than one VLAN on each switch. For multiple VLANs on multiple switches to be able to communicate via a single link between the switches, you must use a process called trunking -- trunking is the technology that allows information from multiple VLANs to be carried over a single link between. Prerequisite - Access and trunk ports Normally, Routers are used to divide broadcast domain and switches (at layer 2) Operates in a single broadcast domain but Switches can also divide broadcast domain by using the concept of VLAN (Virtual LAN).. Vlan is logical grouping of devices in same or different broadcast domain. By default, all the switch ports are in Vlan 1 VLAN Tagging is used when a link needs to carry traffic for more than one VLAN. VLAN ( virtual local area network) is logically or simply a group of network devices.When we create a VLAN tagging on a switch, then we actually break a broadcast domain or we can say a VLAN break broadcast domain at layer2 we use VLAN and one VLAN defines one broadcast domain This is how to configure VLAN on Cisco Switch or Virtual LAN on Cisco Switches in your network. A VLAN is a switched network that is logically segmented by function, project team, or application, without regard to the physical locations of the users. VLANs have the same attributes as physical LANs, but you can group computers even if they are not physically located on the same LAN segment Switch(config)# interface vlan 1 Switch(config)# ip address 255.255.255. Switch(config)# no shut. Now since you don't have any other vlans, when you connect a PC to any port of the switch you can telnet to it. Also, don't forget to assign a password to the telnet lines (vty 0 4) and also configure an enable secret password as well

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  1. e where to forward the packet. The packet is then passed to the VLAN interface of the destination. It is in turn sent to the port where the end device is attached
  2. A virtual LAN (VLAN) is any broadcast domain that is partitioned and isolated in a computer network at the data link layer (OSI layer 2). LAN is the abbreviation for local area network and in this context virtual refers to a physical object recreated and altered by additional logic. VLANs work by applying tags to network frames and handling these tags in networking systems - creating the.
  3. VLAN (zkratka pro Virtuální LAN) je výraz pro jednu logickou síť (jíž odpovídá jedna podsíť z pohledu síťové vrstvy a jedna broadcastová doména) po zavedení tohoto modelu (rozšíření) LAN (jedna LAN tedy má několik VLAN).Smysl koncepce VLAN lze vhodně nastínit jako zefektivnění využití aktivních intermediárních prvků sítě (v tomto případě přepínačů.
  4. 1) Issue set vlan vlan-id [name name] to create vlan. VLAN 1 is by default the inband (SC0) interface of a switch. 2) Issue set Vlan {vlan number} {mod-num/port-num} in order to enter the VLAN membership mode for the port. Extended VLANs support VLANs up to 4096 in accordance with the 802.1Q standard
  5. istrator defines network membership according to characteristics of the devices rather than the switch port location. For example, a dynamic VLAN can be defined with a list of physical addresses ( MAC addresses ) or network account names
  6. The VLAN-aware switch feature is used place the traffic from hosts and wireless networks in different VLANs. The VLAN-aware switch feature allows the EdgeRouter to tag and untag VLANs on different switch-ports. This is done by grouping the Ethernet ports under the switch0 interface and adding the VLAN values to the switch-ports
  7. By Edward Tetz . To create a Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) on your switch, you can type only one command in Global Configuration mode: set vlan VID, which puts the switch into VLAN Configuration mode. However, typically you type a second command, the name command, for clarity while in VLAN Configuration mode. That is all you need to do to create a new VLAN
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and creat for each vlan a switched virtual interface SVI which will be the defaul gateway for client in the corspoding VLAN example Dist switch vlan 10 vlan name vlan_10 interface vlan 10 ip address 255.255.255. no shut will be the default gateway for vlan 10 users then go to configure the dhcp on the switch a VLAN tag. If this is the case, you have two choices

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This video features the VLAN configuration of a HP switch V1910-48G. (JE009A)» TUTORIAL: http://techexpert.tips/hp-switch/hp-switch-vlan-configuration/» TUTO.. A VLAN is a set of end stations and the switch ports that connect them. You can have different reasons for the logical division, such as department or project membership. The only physical requirement is that the end station and the port to which it is connected both belong to the same VLAN SWITCH(config-vlan)#name net1 // pojmenování VLANy. Z vlastností, které můžeme nastavit pro celou VLANu, zmíním pouze změnu IP MTU (maximální velikost přenášených paketů - payload rámce), standardní je 1500B pro Ethernet (rámec má velikost 1518B). SWITCH(config-vlan)#mtu 2000 // možné hodnoty 576 až 18190 (podle typu switche

VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) is a technology that can solve broadcasting issues. A LAN can be divided into several VLANs logically, and only the hosts in a same VLAN can communicate with each other. Here are two configuration examples for 802.1Q VLAN. Example 1: As the following figure shows, the switch connects to two different groups In this article, we will examine how to create a VLAN on an L2 Switch in GNS3. How to Add VLAN in Switch and Configure Inter-VLAN Routing in Router. In this article we will discuss the following steps; 1. Assigning IP Address to VPCS 2. Creating a VLAN 3. Determination of Switch Trunk Ports 4. Trunking Between Switches 5. Cisco Router Inter.

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3) At the end, enable strict VLAN filtering to ensure only allowed VLANs can pass through the ports. For hybrid ports to work properly, make sure VLAN Receive is selected as any, otherwise ingress tagged or untagged traffic can be dropped (depending on selected option), but for the trunk port, it is possible to allow only packets with VLAN tag.To filter specific ingress VLAN traffic on hybrid. A switch such as the VigorSwitch P1280 would then be connected to Vigor 2860 Port 2 and the corresponding port on the switch would also be configured to the same VLAN tags. Other ports on the VigorSwitch P1280 switch can be configured to a VLAN tag to allow a device connected to the port to communicate with the VLAN matching the tag Create a VLAN: Open a web browser; In the address bar of the web browser, type the IP address of the switch and press Enter. Type the admin password of the switch and click Login. Go to Switching - VLAN - Advanced - VLAN Configuration. In the VLAN ID field, type the ID of the VLAN you wish to create and click Add. Here we add VLAN 10. Add ports. VLAN Switch: This is a type of hardware switch that adds the VLAN ID to it. With this feature it is possible to create a hardware switch within an already present VLAN on the network. This VLAN can be connected through another interface port in trunk mode to transport this VLAN to some other layer-2 switches In the factory default state, all ports on the switch belong to the port-based default VLAN (DEFAULT_VLAN; VID=1) and are in the same broadcast/multicast domain.. The default VLAN is also the Primary VLAN. For more on this topic, see The primary VLAN.). You can configure up to 255 additional static VLANs by adding new VLAN names and then assigning one or more ports to each VLAN

Layer 3 switch is capable of inter-VLAN routing and does not need additional device connected like router on-a-stick. Since network architectures on Layer 2 switching allow end station connectivity, it is often practical to construct a VLAN via Layer 2 switch only Basically if you want to set up routing between vlans you set up you vlans on the switch and create a trunk link between the switch and router. On the router you configure sub interfaces and assign the vlans to the sub interfaces. The most logical way to set it up would be VLAN 1 Fastethernet0/0.1 192.168.1./24 VLAN 2 Fastethernet0/0.2 192.168. TP-Link TL-SG1428PE Switch, 26x GbE, 24x PoE, 2x SFP, Easy Smart, VLAN, QoS, IGMP Snooping, černý TL-SG1428PE. TPLink TLSG1428PE; Switch nabízející 26 GbE RJ45 portů , z nichž 24 podporuje PoE+ s celkovým napájecím výkonem až 250 W

Some tips (normally a decent explanation of how the VLAN works is included in the switch's manufacturer manual): . An untagged port, with VID X, in a switch assign the VLAN tag X to incoming packets. When the packet is leaving the untagged port, and was tagged with the VID X, the VLAN tag is removed. This helps, for example, to communicate between tagged and untagged ports ARP broadcast packet inter-VLAN leaky: to enable ARP frame to broadcast to all switch ports. Třeba Edge-core ES3528M jsou za par šlupek a je to přesně ten typ nastavit a zapomenout. 1.4.2014 22:42 Switch 2: Ports 0-5 on VLAN 3, Port 6 is Trunk. Do the two switches know what the MAC addresses are of the devices connected to the other switch which are in the same VLAN, or do the switches just know that Port 6 is a VLAN 3 trunk and when they receive a broadcast frame, they just flood the frame to the trunk port with the VLAN tag and expect. Make Trunk and VLAN in Mikrotik to connect to a Cisco switch will be discussed in Tutorial Mikrotik this time. The question is, Can create a VLAN and Trunk on Mikrotik and Cisco? The answer obviously can, as VLAN and Trunk are so universal technology that can run on all the network devices through different brands In the VLAN menu click on the Add button to insert/create a new VLAN ID. Specify the VLAN ID number under the VLAN List option and give it a name. Once you have entered all your VLAN IDs they will be listed in the VLAN menu. Click on the VLAN Port option on the top right to add the IDs to physical ports on the switch. You will see a drop.

Use vlan-id that is used in default-vlan-id for switch-cpu and trunk ports, by default it is set to 0 or 1. /interface ethernet switch vlan add ports=ether1,switch1-cpu switch=switch1 vlan-id=1 When VLAN table is configured, you can enable vlan-mode=secure to limit access to the CPU To configure the switch port as a Vlan member you need to: • Select the desired port. • Select the untagged membership type. • Enter the ID of the desired VLAN. In our example, we configured the switch port 10 as a member of VLAN 999. Any device connected to the port 10 will be a member of VLAN 10 VLAN 30 / Network 192.168.30. (mask / Ports 21 - 28; The devices in each VLAN are allowed to communicate with devices in other VLANs because routing is enabled on the switch. This inter-VLAN communication can be restricted through the use of optional access control lists or ACLs (described later in this article) Learn how to do an HP Switch Vlan configuration using the command-line, by following this simple step-by-step tutorial, you will be able to create a new Vlan and associate a Switch port to a specific Vlan

Switch Y receives the untagged frame on an Access Port in VLAN #6. Switch Y now considers the frame to be in VLAN #6. Switch Y then forwards the frame out a Trunk port, but since this Trunk port has a Native VLAN of VLAN #6, the frame is sent untagged. Switch Z receives the untagged frame on an Access Port in VLAN #9 Ve zkratce : pokud resite port-based VLAN na manag. prepinaci, pohybuje te se na Layer 2, kde resite MAC adresy. To co popisujete jako virtualni rozhrani je ve skutecnosti tzv. management rozhrani (v pripade, ze switch podporuje i L3 muze byt pouzito i jako vychozi brana pro danou VLAN) Configuring Inter-VLAN Routing. Back to Top. Inter-VLAN routing will allow the VLAN10 and VLAN20 networks to communicate with each other through the switch. It is also possible to set up Inter-VLAN routing on an EdgeRouter, see the Router on a Stick article for more information. The UAP-AC-Pro will tag the wireless network with VLAN20 You just clipped your first slide! Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips The VLAN switch adds tags to received frames, and removes tags when transmitting frames. End users and VLAN-unaware workstations commonly reside on access links. By Default all ports are in ACCESS mode assigned to the default VLAN (VLAN 1). Ports set to Access mode belong to one VLAN only

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The show vlans command lists the VLANs currently running in the switch, with VID, VLAN name and VLAN status. Dynamic VLANs appear only if the switch is running with GVRP enabled and one or more ports has dynamically joined an advertised VLAN. In the default configuration, GVRP is disabled This is the vlan port config. (Pic1 & 2). if I set the LACP 24 to PVID 20 and Tagged only. Unifi switch and APs loses connection to pfsense. Which make sense because it is only allow vlan 20 tags to go through.. vlan 1 is blocked

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interface vlan to create a Switch Virtual Interface (routing for a VLAN) show ip route, traceroute and show ip interface brief to verify Inter-VLAN Routing is working properly; At this point, you know the very basics of switching. Before we can expand our knowledge about switching technologies, we can benefit from some routing and some IPv6 stuff The VLAN interface is a switch's Layer 3 interface connected to the VLAN. If you want to route packets for the subnets on VLANs 11, 12, and 13, the matching VLAN interfaces must be numbered 11, 12, and 13 VLAN switch is built on the fibre optic switch of LAN, which realizes the division and management of logical working group as a software. As defined in IEEE standard 802.1Q, VLAN switch can provide a way to transform one network into multiple broadcast domains

The internal switch interface, sc0, is used for management of the switch. Management VLAN is used for purposes such as telnet, SNMP, and syslog. By default, VLAN 1 is the management VLAN. Ensure that there are no redundant links for the management VLAN. This practice eliminates the need to rely on the spanning-tree algorithm Figure 1: VLAN1 and VLAN2 are connected by inter VLAN routing. Inter VLAN Routing Layer 3 Switch & Router Basics. The layer 3 switch is a network switch that forwards traffic based on layer 3 information of the OSI model Using VLAN-aware IP phones, the switch administrator can explicitly assign VLANs to voice packets. All voice packets received by the switch port already have a VLAN assignment, and the switch forwards them accordingly. If you attach a computer to an Ethernet port on the phone, data packets arrive at the switch port untagged

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VLAN works by applying tags to network packets and managing the handling of these tags in the network, creating the appearance and functionality of network traffic split between separate networks on the same physical switch Scenario 1 - Switch Spoofing Attack In this scenario there exists the attacker, a switch, and the target server. The attacker is attached to the switch on interface FastEthernet 0/12 and the target server is attached to the switch on interface FastEthernet 0/11 and is a part of VLAN 2 Command Description; vlan database: This command is executed in privileged mode which places you into VLAN Database configuration mode. If you are using the Free CCNA Workbook GNS3 topology then this command will be used quite often throughout Section 4 as SW1, SW2 and SW3 are Cisco 3640′s with the NM-16ESW Switch module installed in slot0

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Switch to switch links are normally tagged (some switch vendors call them vlan trunks or trunked port). Switch to device is normally untagged (access port), with the ports pvid set to the desired vlan.On the switch to switch tagged links, these ports need to be members of each vlan you want to pass over the link Switch(config)#interface vlan 1 Switch(config-if)#ip address 255.255.255. Switch(config-if)#no shut %LINK-5-CHANGED: Interface Vlan1, changed state to up Switch(config-if)# Switch(config-if)#exi Assign the voice VLAN to the switch port. Activate spanning-tree PortFast on the interface. Ensure that voice traffic is trusted and tagged with a CoS priority value. Add a voice VLAN. Configure the switch port interface with subinterfaces. Assign a data VLAN to the switch port. Configure the switch port in access mode Access ports in switches are normally used to connect end devices like workstations and printers. Access ports belong to only a single VLAN and do not provide any identifying marks on the Ethernet frames.When configuring an access port, you also want to define which VLAN the port belongs to.. To configure and assign a switch access port to a VLAN, open a console connection to the switch and. Static assignments for ports 5 and 6 on the access switch and 5/1-12 and 5/18-24 on the distribution switch into VLAN 10 Distribution_1 will be assigned the IP address and will serve as a VMPS server and get a file called vmpsconfig.txt (shown at the end of the example) from the server

Cudy FS1010P 8+2-Port 100Mbps Ethernet PoE+ Unmanaged Plug and Play Switch, 120 W, 8 10/100Mbps PoE+ Ports, CCTV/VLAN Mode, 802.3af/ 802.3at, 820 ft Long Distance in CCTV, Desktop/Wall/Rackmount 4.7 out of 5 stars 2 Understanding Bridging and VLANs on Switches, Configuring VLANs on Switches with Enhanced Layer 2 Support, Configuring a VLAN, Configuring VLANs on Switches, Configuring VLANs for EX Series Switches, Example: Configuring VLANs on Security Devices, Example: Setting Up Basic Bridging and a VLAN for an EX Series Switch with ELS Support , Example: Setting Up Basic Bridging and a VLAN on Switches. Se observă că interfața Fa4/1 este o interfață de tip trunk care transportă VLAN-urile 1 (cel implicit), 10 și 20. În cazul switch-ului Switch0 transferă și VLAN-ul de management (100).Aceasta se întâmplă întrucât ultimul argument al comenzii switchport trunk a fost all, reprezentând toate VLAN-urile The number of the VLAN is specified on the option vlan line. The VID (VLAN ID) associated with a VLAN is by default the same as the number of the VLAN.This is overridden by using an option vid line so, for example, that VLAN 1 could use VID 100. For some hardware, the value of the vlan option may be limited to 127; exceeding this value may result in the VLAN not being configured at all

De cette façon, le VLAN 2 du switch 1 et du switch 2 peuvent communiquer ensemble. Attention, cela ne veut pas dire que des VLAN de différents ID peuvent communiquer ! Le VLAN 2 ne peut toujours pas communiquer avec le VLAN 3 ! La configuration se passe sur l'interface qui relie les deux switchs, comme ceci VLAN정보를 업데이트 할 필요가 없는 장점이 있다. (시스코장비만 사용하는 프로토콜) VTP의 3가지 모드. VTP 서버 모드. VLAN생성, 삭제, 이름변경 등을 할수 있으며, VTP도메인 안에 있는 나머지 Switch에게 VTP 도메인 이름, VLAN구성, Configuration Revision Number를 전달 해준다 Un aspetto da rimarcare è che le VLAN possono essere estese anche oltre i limiti fisici del singolo switch. Supponendo di avere una rete che si sviluppa su più piani, si può usare il trunking. 1. สร าง หมายเลข VLAN และ ชื่อของ VLAN ขึ้นมาก อน 2. กําหนด port (interface) ที่ต องการให อยู Vlan นั้นๆ การสร าง VLAN Switch 1 Switch1> enable Switch1# configure terminal Switch1(config)# vlan Command. Show Vlan Brief. Use. Shows a basic summary of the VLAN information on the switch. Syntax. Switch#show vlan brief. Example. Here is the show vlan brief output for SW3. SW3#show vlan brief VLAN Name Status Ports —- ——————————- ——— ——————————- 1 default active Fa0/1, Fa0/2, Fa0/3, Fa0/4 Fa0/5, Fa0/6, Fa0/7, Fa0/8 Fa0/9, Fa0/10, Fa0/11.

Now to activate VLAN access on your Switch from your virtualised pfSense. Log into your managed switch and browse to the 802.1Q or VLAN section. Create a new VLAN matching your current VLAN settings. Depending on your switch, you may have the terms 'Untagged' and 'Tagged' or 'Access' and 'Trunk' To make sure all Vlan data is removed clear the start up config as well with the following commands. The reason for this is, if the switch was in transparent mode the switch would of stored Vlan data in the start up configs. It's best to run these commands if you are not sure which VTP mode the switch was in. SW1#erase startup-config SW1#reloa

Use My_VLAN as a Management VLAN (tagged, in this case) to connect port A1 on switch A to a management station. The management station includes a network interface card with 802.1Q tagged VLAN capability. Use port A2 to extend the Management VLAN to port B1 which is already configured as a tagged member of My_VLAN, on an adjacent HP switch that supports the Management VLAN feature The HP untagged VLAN on a tagged interface functions similarly as the native VLAN you configure on Cisco switch trunk interface (actually tag/untag makes more sense than access/trunk technically speaking), the VLAN 8 in your case. On your router interface facing HP switch, it is running as access/untagged port

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A VLAN (Virtual LAN) is a group of computers, servers, network printers and other network devices that behave as if they were connected to a single network.VLAN is a logical topology that divides a single broadcast domain into multiple broadcast domains. VLAN is a layer 2 method. So, a manageable switch is required to manage VLAN in your network and a router is required to route and control. The vlan command places the switch in VLAN configuration mode to configure a set of virtual LANs. The command creates the specified VLANs if they do not exist prior to issuing the command. A VLAN that is in use as an internal VLAN may not be created or configured. The switch rejects any vlan command that specifies an internal VLAN ID

I have a switch tl-sg108e and the latest firmware 20171214 is installed on it. The firmware version and version of the device are the same (V3). Also, in the instructions to this switch it is written: The port can be removed from VLAN 1 only when the port is also a member of the other VLANs. But I can not delete 1 vlan By default, all ports are members of VLAN 1 with untagged egress frames. To remove VLAN 1 from the other ports: Select 1 (Default) from the VLAN Management drop down. Remove VLAN 1 from all ports except the one used to manage the switch and the trunk port, to avoid being disconnected. In this example, port 8 is used to manage the switch In Procurve you configure the VLAN and tag the ports (as cisco's trunking mode - all frames are tagged with VLAN ID) or untag the ports (as cisco's access mode - all frames are stripped of any VLAN ID) no untagged. This is probably the most confusing part in HP switch world TP-link TP-Link TL-SG116E deskop Easy Smart Switch 16x10/100/1000Mbps, steel, VLAN,IGMP. Gigabitový přepínač, vhodný i pro náročnější síťová prostředí, podporuje nízkou spotřebu elektrické energie, nabízí webovou správu, podporuje VLAN MTU a 802.1Q VLAN, zrcadlení portů i diagnostiku kabelů. Rozhraní: 16 portů RJ45 10/100/1000 Mbps

Výkonný VLAN switch. karelpucek. Používáme VLAN switche na realtecu a hledáme náhradu, tzn. např. 16 portový, kdy prvních 15 nekomunikuje mezi sebou, ani se nevidí, ale komunikují a jsou propustné proti 16. Něco co prostě funguje na L2 vrstvě. Nemáme rozsegmentovanou síť a na HP si na svoje ProCurve řekli 95900 bez DPH jen. Uji ping dari PC2 (VLAN 11) ke PC0 & PC5 (VLAN 10) Inter-VLAN dengan Switch layer 3. Switch layer 3 merupakan salah satu perangkat Cisco yang dapat bekerja layaknya sebuah router External Virtual Switch allows Virtual Machines on the host to access other systems on a traditional VLAN or standard switched network. Below screenshots show about Creating External virtual switch network in Hyper-V on Windows 2016 Server VLANs can span multiple switches. For example, you could have Ports 1 through 10 of Switch A assigned to VLAN 100, and Ports 11 through 20 of Switch A assigned to VLAN 200. If Switch A and Switch B share a high-speed link, then Switch B could also have ports assigned to the same VLANs as Switch A VLAN 1 is the default native VLAN, as pmckenzie mentions; show interface trunk should highlight that on a production switch. Kev's URL details at length: it's also recommended to not use VLAN 1 for either data, network management, or native VLAN

If it is untagged it sends the VLAN traffic without adding in the VLAN tag. So you would only make a port a tagged member if the device that is plugged into it is VLAN aware, i.e. another switch, router, or machine with a VLAN aware NIC. (Note: The VLAN tag is the ID that gets inserted into the head of a network packet). So to do exactly the. Ahoj, potřeboval bych poradit s nastavením VLAN. Mám 3 skupiny počítačů na různých adresách: 192.168.11.X 192.168.10.X 192.168.12.X A potřeboval bych pomocí switche Switch TL-SG108E rozdělit aby byly porty rozdělené pro dané skupy + poslední port 8 se z něj dalo dostat na ostatní adresy. PORT 1: 192.168.11.X PORT 2: 192.168.10.X PORT 3: 192.168.12.X PORT 8: Přístup do. VLANs (Virtual Local Area Networks) unterteilen ein bestehendes einzelnes physisches Netzwerk in mehrere logische Netzwerke. Jedes VLAN bildet dabei eine eigene Broadcast-Domain. Eine Kommunikation zwischen zwei unterschiedlichen VLANs ist nur über einen Router möglich, der an beide VLANs angeschlossen ist. VLANs verhalten sich also so, als ob sie jeweils mit eigenen, voneinander.

The switchport vlan mapping command maps an arbitrary incoming VLAN tag to a particular bridging VLAN on the switch. VLAN mapping is configured on packets having a dot1q header (tagged frames) only. The mapping is applied on a trunk port and multiple mappings can exist under each trunk port switch-A(config-if)#switchport access vlan 20 switch-A(config-if)#no shutdown switch-A(config)#interface f0/4 switch-A(config-if)#switchport mode access switch-A(config-if)#switchport access vlan 30 switch-A(config-if)#no shutdown รูปที่5 ก ำหนด port acces The primary VLAN is the VLAN the switch uses to run and manage these features and data. In the factory-default configuration, the switch designates the default VLAN (DEFAULT_VLAN) as the primary VLAN. However, to provide more control in your network, you can designate another VLAN as primary. To view the primary VLAN setting, use the VLAN. On Procurve Switch: Go to configuration mode and enter the following commands, Procurve(config)#vlan 100 Procurve(config)#name Data Procurve(config)#tagged 48. Procurve(config)#vlan 200 Procurve(config)#name Voice Procurve(config)#tagged 48. You can see the configuration as. Procurve(config)#sh run. vlan 100 name Data tagged. Verifying Voice and Data VLAN tags with LLDP phones Last updated; Save as PDF No headers. When a VoIP phone is attached to an MS switch, it may be seen operating on the regular VLAN and not the port's configured Voice VLAN.When this happens, verify that the phone is running LLDP (with LLDP-MED support for PoE) or CDP to communicate with the switch

How To Delete VLAN database GNS3 IOU Cisco Switch (I86BICisco IOS: Configuring DHCP for Multiple VLAN's - YouTubeHelp with LUCI VLAN - Installing and Using OpenWrtLearn how to use Show Vlan ID command on Cisco IOS fromConfigure Inter-VLAN Routing on Cisco Routers and SwitchesAn introduction to Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANsEtherChannel and Trunking Between Catalyst Layer 2
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